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Taking Care of Newborn Puppies

Dog owners should not take on newborn puppy care. That should be left to the mother. Newborn puppies should not be handled humans. They should stay with the litter and with their mother. However, a dog owner should do everything in his or her power to take care of the mother and make sure all her needs are met. This includes making sure she is fed properly, has clean water and has proper shelter.

A newborn puppy has many needs. The mother is the ideal one to provide for feeding and caring of the puppy. A dog owner should focus on the mother dog so that she can focus on caring for the puppy. This is essential in the puppy’s first weeks of life. As the puppy grows, the mother will need help making sure the now-explorative puppy is safe. Puppies are very vulnerable to the world around them. That is why newborn puppy care is so critical. Because the mother is nursing, she will need greater amounts of food and water. Feed her food with high-quality ingredients, specifically brands that are designed for female dogs that are nursing puppies.

Before having puppies, most dogs will find a safe place that is comfortable for giving birth. As a dog owner, you may have helped prepare this space for her and her puppies. It is best to leave the mother and her puppies in this space for several weeks after birth. You should only move them if the area poses some kind of danger or if it is prone to extreme temperatures. Keep the area as quiet as possible, especially during the first few weeks. Too many visitors will cause stress to the mother.

The handling of puppies by humans in the first few weeks of life should be as infrequent as possible. There are several reasons for this. First, a newborn puppy is extremely fragile. When handling the puppy, you may inadvertently hurt him. Second, mothers of puppies are very protective. Even mild-tempered dogs will snap at their owners or strangers if they feel their puppies are in some kind of danger.

Although newborn puppy care seems like a very fun job, it is better left to the mother of the puppy. Puppies need the love, warmth and nutrition of their mothers in the first few weeks of life. As a dog owner, you can help a puppy by taking care of the mother. Make sure she is in a safe, quiet area that is comfortable for her and her puppies. Also, make sure she is well fed and receiving enough water. Although it may be difficult to resist, do not handle newborn puppies. They are very delicate and doing so may upset the mother. Give them their time together. Soon enough the puppies will be strong enough to be on their own.

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