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The battle within us

For so many years I walked around with an enormous Psychological and Sociological residue, firmly believed that there was no way back for me. I sit here today typing, in the knowledge that the battle within myself is almost over. This is by far the battle you struggle with; it’s so hard to make headway. You can’t hide from your thoughts; equally you are unable to lie to yourself. For the world around us, it’s so easy to think that we are over the worst. People ask how you are; you say fine but are we conditioned to answer that way? Would they really what to hear the truth? Or are they conditioned to ask? This is unintentional on their part, they can’t see what we are unhappy to reveal. So here is the big question. Do we love ourselves? Do we feel we command respect? This is the place we have to start by putting one foot in front of the other, once done; the battle within you will have been won……

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