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Tips on How to Eat Less

Cutting down on the amount of food we eat will help us control our weight. Unfortunately, there is no magic solution to weight loss, but  paying close attention to the calories we consume and burn with exercise is the best way maintain or lose weight. Most of us consume too many calories on a daily basis and many of the calories we consume we don’t even realize we are consuming.  Mindless snacking and large portions are two of the top reasons why we gain weight.

The best way to cut down on how much food you eat is to keep a diary of what you eat every day.  If you have no idea what a normal portion of something is, buy a scale and accurately measure everything before you record it in your diary. Write everything down!   Even coffee with cream contains calories.  After you have recorded what you have eaten for a few days sit down with a calculator and a calorie counting reference and add up how many calories you are consuming on a regular day.  Most people are shocked at how many calories they eat.  Being aware of what you are eating is the key to beginning to change your diet.

Typically the first step we take when trying to lose weight is to cut down on our consumption of unhealthy snacks like potato chips, candy, fried foods and alcohol.  If you are someone who consumes a lot of these types of foods, these are definitely good things to cut down on, but don’t try to deprive yourself of all your favourites all at once.  Feeling deprived will just make you want to eat them even more.  At the beginning of your weight loss journey allow yourself some small treats.  Instead of eating chips or nuts out of the bag, though, allow yourself a small portion in a bowl.  This will keep you conscious of what you are eating.  Shop at the grocery store for healthy snacks to replace your unhealthy ones and gradually eliminate the bad snacks from your diet.  You will find that as you make progress you will want to eat less and less of the high calorie snacks.

Replace all your large plates and glasses with smaller ones.  Serving your food on smaller plates will trick your brain into thinking that you are eating just as much as you usually are, but in fact you will be eating a much healthier portion size.  Large glasses of milk and juice contain a lot of calories.  Use large glasses for water only and keep them on a separate shelf away from your juice glasses so you don’t reach for them without thinking.

Take the time to eat your meals properly.  Sit at a table and concentrate on what you are eating.  We leads such busy lives that often we are eating on the run or not paying attention to what we are eating.  Chewing slowly and making your meal a ritual instead of a habit will help to keep you tuned in to what you are consuming.  You will also enjoy your food a lot more.

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