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Tips to Stop Your Dog from Digging

Through the eyes of a puppy

Tips to Stop Your Dog from Digging

Hounds are able to exhibit many behaviors that are frustrating to their handlers. Dogs sometimes chew on furniture or shoes, pee in your home, bark for seemingly no good reason, or run off. A lot of these issues are preventable with necessary dog training from the start of your dog’s puppy days. The right training necessitates that the owner is unswerving when it comes to rewarding their dog for good performance or punishing them for bad behaviors. Canines are happy to captivate their handlers, and therefore it is sometimes possible to alter their attitude by praising them when well-behaved and paying less attention when they are mischievous. One more issue that is common with dogs is the act of digging.

The Causes & Resolutions

Digging can be a manifestation of many triggers, and thus handlers ought to investigate the causes of the behavior in order to prevent dogs from digging. It may simply be that the dog finds digging pleasurable. There are some dogs who get bored and look for some form of stimulation and activity. Those not spayed or neutered may be attempting to flee their enclosures in order to locate a mating partner. Dogs may also like to dig in freshly placed fertilizer or gardens that have been recently turned over. Some dogs dig in order to hide treats or food. Other dogs, as a product of their breed, are known for digging. Some other dogs enjoy creating a den to lie down in and this is why they dig.

One of the keys to stopping this behavior and stop your dogs from digging is to make sure you play with them and give them adequate opportunities to exercise. In spite of the old adage, dogs can and do learn new tricks. Dogs that are destructive are often disinterested and can change their behavior if they are given opportunities for exercise and to explore new areas.

You should not give your dog bones to keep him from digging. Dogs with bones will often try to bury them. Rather, a treat ought to be completely edible so that nothing is leftover to bury. Another option is to plant balloons in the dogs favorite digging spots. The next time he digs there, the sound of the popping balloon will frighten him. It should also convince the dog that every time he digs he will hear that noise and he will learn to stop through that negative reinforcement. You should not leave your dog alone in the yard if he likes to dig. In such a case, should they begin to burrow, it is possible to startle them with spritz of water to prevent them from resuming their dig.

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