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Top 5 Kitty Litter Container Forms

0001 You may not want your carpets, kitchen floors, sleeping baskets and beds to be transformed into a place for making messes. Cats are neat and have a natural instinct of burying their feces in dirt or sand, making sure their far does not come into contact with the mess. Therefore, it is important to invest in kitty litter trays. This will help a great deal in keeping things neat and allowing the cat to practice its natural behavior. Many of the cat litter boxes are available in five basic designs. Each of the designs varies with the materials and features. These litter boxes include:

1. Basic flat box This is a basic cat litter box that features a simple rectangular plastic pan. This litter box is the least expensive and is available in different sizes and depths. The design is simple to clean because you do not have to cover to scoop or remove the lid to clean. Many of the cats prefer the basic flat box.

2. Covered or hooded boxes Some of the litter boxes feature the traditional rectangular shape. In addition, they feature a hood which covers the box. The box has an opening that allows the pet to enter. The main benefit of this type of liter box is the fact that it offers “privacy”. It also has the ability of containing litter pieces which are likely to be pawed out of the regular flat box. However, hooded boxes can be smelly as a result of poor ventilation.

3. Designer/hidden boxes These are litter boxes that mask the boxes as a plant or a piece of furniture. These types of boxes can be placed anywhere However, cats prefer a more quiet area. Most of the units are covered and thus can be smelly. For the best results it is important to find design that is open and big while having good ventilation.

4. Sifting boxes Sifting boxes are available in different models with the basic ones featuring 2 basic rectangular pans as well as a “sifter tray”. Litter is normally poured on the sifting tray. While cleaning the box, the 2 boxes are normally separated the sifting tray is then lifted to remove the waste. Then place the sifter in the empty box and pour the kitty litter on top.

5. Self-cleaning box Some manufacturers have introduced the electric “self-cleaning” litter boxes. They work by featuring a timed censor which is activated a few minutes after the cat exits the box. The cleaning cycle is normally activated by the sensor where the rake slides in the litter to scoop the

urine and feces. This feature helps data:text/mce-internal,s to keep the box clean.

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES:   Outdoor Litter Box – Instructables … exterior cat door. Next I installed a Cat Mate (model#221 brown) cat door in the front of the litter box so my cats can out onto the screened in porch when we’re home an. … is my solution. It removes the litter box out of the equation as far as the interior of the home and since I’m putting it on our screened in porch I’ve added a door in the front to let them go out onto the porch too. …. PDF Downloads As a Pro member, you will gain access to download any Instructable in the PDF format.  Elegant Ikea Hack Litterbox – Instructables Litter boxes are litterally uggly. Every cat owner knows it, but no-one admits it. It seems to be one of those big taboos in pet-land. So let’s free us from this mental weight and let’s shout it all together: WE HATE THOSE PLASTIC LITTER BOXES!  Litter Box Vent Fan – Eliminate Cat Litter Stink – Instructables CAUTION: Following these simple instructions may lead you to forget that you own a litter box, and therefore neglect to clean it. Please proceed wit… … This is a clever idea, but may not be suited well to multi-cat households where several boxes are required. I solved my problem with a simple change in litter formulation. I found a wheat-based litter …. As a Pro member, you will gain access to download any Instructable in the PDF format. You also have the ability to customize your PDF …  Tired Of Litter Box Odor? Cat Furniture Might Be The Solution! In addition to cat furniture, those of you who own dogs as well may find the many uses of dog stairs to be beneficial to you and your pet. These can be found online in pre-constructed format or custom-built. Furniture, Litter …  Litter box poop detector – Instructables Intro: Digging through the litter box in search of the brown gold is not something I enjoy. And you don’t want to go through the box, stiring up a clo… … Push the button and the red light lights up if the cat has been in the box, if it hasn’t the green light lights up. Flip the on/off swith to reset the light to green when you have …. As a Pro member, you will gain access to download any Instructable in the PDF format. You also have the ability to customize your PDF download.  Cat Litter Dust Control – Instructables I have two cats and as they are strictly indoor dwelling creatures, litter box maintenance is a regular occurence. Now if you’ve ever added litter to a cat box you know it is dusty stuff that kicks up everywhere. Especially when pouring from the …  Odorless Cat Litter Box – Instructables Cat litter boxes stink to high heaven. Worse, many cat owners gradually acclimate to the odor, creating an awkward situation for house guests. If you …  “Dog Proof” Cat Litter Box – Instructables Litter pans are a problem. Especially when you have a large cat who can’t fit in a small litter box and a dog who considers cat poop a delicacy. It’… … As a Pro member, you will gain access to download any Instructable in the PDF format.  

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