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Top five most Popular Dog Breeds in the us for 2012

Every year the American Kennel Club releases a list of the top 5 dogs of the year. Of course, 2012 has yet to come to an end and the list for the top dogs has yet to be released to the public. So which dogs are the best of the best? After conducting a survey at my local animal shelter, I generated my own list based on the percentages of adoptions. 

#1 Labrador Retriever 

This gentle, humble and versatile breed has been in the top 5 rankings for more than 20 years. Originally found in Newfoundland, this versatile breed comes in three colors: black, yellow and chocolate. These dogs aim for pleasing their masters at any costs, which make them excellent seeing eye dogs for the blind. They are also an ideal sporting dog and make excellent jogging buddies. Labs shed their coat regularly and need to be groomed daily in order to keep a healthy coat. So whether you’re looking for an exercise buddy or someone to listen to your life stories, the lab will show the utmost loyalty to its master.

 #2 German Shepherd

Originating from Germany, German Shepherds are often mistaken for vicious and intimidating. Although they can be intimidating, these breeds are often very energetic and fun-loving. This dog is very family oriented and builds relationships off of trust and love. German shepherds are a loyal family pet and make excellent work force dogs. However these dogs similar to the labs require lots of exercise and grooming in order for them to maintain a clean slate of health. If you’re looking for a dog that is family oriented and ready to work, this dog is the breed for you!

#3 Yorkshire Terrier

When these dogs are sitting at a distance you can’t help but adore how cute this breed is. Yorkshire Terriers were once used in the nineteenth century to chase down and catch rats in mills. Yorkies adapt to most surroundings well and are efficient travelers as well as suitable pets for many homes. Due to their small size they do not require much exercise but they do require daily interaction with their owner. Their long and silky coat requires regular brushing in order to maintain healthiness. This dog makes for an excellent first time pet and will adapt well to their families.

#4 Golden Retriever

This breed will greet you with the biggest doggy hug as soon as you arrive home from a long 12 hour shift. This breed is very active and energetic, which means he will require daily exercise and a home with plentiful of space to roam. Their coats are like water repellants and shed regularly: keep that brush nearby! These powerful dogs will bring both joy and excitement to your home. 

#5 Shih Tzu

These little dogs were cherished by Chinese royals for over a thousand years and they are believed to have descended from crossing the Lhasa Apso and the Pekingnese. Spunky, lively, alert and trusting are all words that can describe this amazing breed. They require a normal amount of exercise and if you plan on keeping a long coat, they will need a daily amount of brushing. Like the Yorkies, this breed makes a great first time pet and will definitely give you something to look forward to every day.

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