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Training a Puppy – How to Teach Your Puppy to Walk With the Leash On

Being uneducated in how to get your puppy used to walking with a leash, can lead to rebellion from him/her. Most people think dogs are born to obey and they should follow commands without being taught. This is not the case. You must know how to train your puppy to walk with a leash. If you don’t, your puppy will think he/she is in control; this error can lead to disaster.

o Start off simple. Start with putting the collar on your puppy for 10 minutes at a time. Repeat this several times a day for about one week.

o Once your puppy is used to having the collar around his/her neck, attach the leash and let the puppy walk around the house with it. This will be quite awkward to the puppy but he/she will get used to it in time. If the puppy bites the leash, purchase a deterrent spray from your local pet store to spray the leash with.

o When your puppy is used to having both the collar and leash attached, take him for a walk around the block at least once a day.

o At first it will be unnatural to the puppy to be guided by you. So, give him/her a break and know that it will take time.

o Guide the puppy by lifting up on the leash on the side you wish him/her to walk on.

o If the puppy lunges forward or pulls, simply stop in your tracks. The leash will tighten and the puppy will notice when he/she pulls that they cannot move forward.

o Give the puppy a treat when you stop and he/she stops too and looks at you. This means that the puppy is waiting for your instructions and knows that you are in control of the walk.

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