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Want to Take Your Pet Along? Hire Pet Shipping Services

Leaving your furry friend alone can have several complex effects. Firstly, they get a bit disturbed and irritable. Moreover, they may also miss you and long for companionship. If you plan to leave them alone for long, it can have drastic effects on their behavior. As they get used to human company, in the absence of family members they may react differently. However, some of them may be used to spending time alone and it may not be difficult for them to cope with long lonely spells. Practically, it may not be possible to take your pet along wherever you go. For instance, if you travel from one state to another and you cannot take your canine friend along then pet transport can be of great help. Shipping your friend through these professionals will ensure that your loved one is attended to with a lot of care. There will be someone to personally attend to your pet’s needs. Indeed, dog shipping can ease your burden, you can relax while your pup or grown up is taken care of.

Do you still have questions running through your mind? We shall try to settle your qualms. Read our frequently asked questions to get answers for all your doubts.


Is It Possible To Ship The Pet Door To Door?

Yes, this is possible. In fact, pet ground transport will deliver your canine friend from one destination to another, that too right up to the doorstep. There is no need to go to the service provider’s office. All you have to do is book their services.

What About Food?

Pet transport will take care of the food requirements of your canine friend. Your dog will be fed and at all times unless you want to give some specific instructions about his eating habits. If you wish, you can supply your pet’s favorite food. However, the service provider will arrange for meals if you do not have any specific requirements. Food and water will be given on board and your loved one will not starve at any time.

What About Paperwork?

If there is any paperwork for the receiver, it should be sent in a sealed envelope. As far as the paper work for cat shipping or puppy shipping is concerned, you would require a health certificate for your pet. This certificate should come from a vet stating that your pet is fit and healthy. Apart from that, you have to ensure that he has been given a bath before shipping and does not have any parasites like ticks. Pet transport is a hassle free way of shipping animals from one location to another.

Can I Send Some Extra Items?

Yes, you can send some extra items provided they fit into the van. Small items like chew toy, leash, blanket etc can be accommodated in the van. Moreover, your pet will be taken for a walk every 3 to 4 hours. Small puppies are exercised inside the van on a sanitized tarp.

Should I Send A Crate?

You can either send a crate or use the one provided by the company. There is no restriction on the use of your personal crate for pet transport.

Pet transport takes care of all the requirements of your canine friend such as food, traveling, and others.

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