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What Should My Dog Eat?

People ask the question all the time about what their dog should, and should not, eat. The answer is pretty simple. Your dog should eat a balanced diet that consists of foods and treats that will support their function. A dog should avoid eating scraps from the table, garbage or other types of human food. If you take the time to think about it, it all boils down to common sense. Since a dog has the same dietary needs as a human it is a good idea to feed them with things that will allow them to grow and function normally.

Feed your dog a type of food that is formulated for their stage of life. Many manufacturers will make food that is supposed to be eaten by certain types of dogs. For example, an old dog needs to eat dog food that will support them in their old age. There are foods out there that are good for the immune system as well as the eyes. Conversely, a puppy will need to eat a dog food that is formulated for a growing dog. A food that is good for muscle growth and energy is the right choice under these circumstances.

Regarding treats, the key is moderation. It is okay for you to give your dog a treat or two. After all, they like them and they can be used as a way to get the dog to obey. However, it is never a good idea to feed your dog treats as a meal. Treats are high in fat and cause your dog to have serious problems if they eat too many of them. Give your dog one treat at a time and make sure you put a limit on the number you give in a day. In addition, there are treats out there that are made to be healthy. These treats will be lower in fats and have elements within them that support heart health.

Your dog should not eat off of the table as there are types of human foods that can cause a dog to get ill. Anytime a dog gets a hold of a bone from a piece of chicken they are at risk of choking on it. Just like humans, dogs can not eat the bones from chicken. The difference is that we know better and they do not. In addition, desserts with chocolate in them can cause a dog to become violently ill. The best way to eliminate this possibility is to eliminate feeding your pet off of the table.

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