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Why Buy A Dog Sweater?

I wanted to say a few words about dog sweaters, dog coats and dog fashions in general. We have started a business selling these items and I’ve been asked several times why someone would buy their dog a sweater? I mean they have fur already! Goes the comment. Some people just gravitate to the concept naturally, I think because their dog looks so cute in the dog sweater that they can hardly stand it. For a lot of people this is enough. The dog looks cute so there you go.

However, there are others that need to understand a more practical approach to the subject. This article is for those people.

The first and most obvious benefit to having your dog wear a sweater or coat is of course to protect him or her from the elements. A well made dog sweater can protect your dogs skin from the sun in summer and from rain and snow in the winter. It will also of course protect the dog from extreme temperatures.

Another less well know benefit of a dog sweater is that it can reduce the amount of dog hair and dander in the household. You might be amazed at how much less vacuuming and lint dusting you’ll have to do if your dog wears a sweater most of the time in the house! This can also lead to less allergy problems for those in the household with this kind of affliction.

One aspect of dog sweaters I think that gets overlooks is the fact that you furry little best buddy is going to be a lot more comfortable in a lot of situations with a dog sweater on. Especially small dogs with short hair. A nice comfy dog sweater really can improve their comfort and quality of life.

Lastly, for those dogs that are both inside animals and outside. When they have their dog sweater on they will come into far less contact with fleas ticks and other biting insects. This can be very helpful for their comfort and also save you time and money when you don’t have to treat your house and the dog for fleas.

e There really are quite a few really good reasons to own a dog sweater or dog coat. Plus the next time you and Barkley the dog show up at the dog park and he has his brand new fabulous dog sweater on, he’ll be the big dog on campus and you’ll be the envy of all the other humans. So what have you got to lose?

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