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Why do you need a Personal Breathalyzer

You may get hundreds of questions in mind why you need to buy a breathalyzer. There are a good number of answers why it is essential to own a breathalyzer, the device is a must for regular party goers and who visit the bars often. If you happen to be an alcohol addict then this device is a must for you.

If you want to drive back home after a party you need not worry anymore of being caught by the police, before you start just blow into the device and make sure that the alcohol content is below 0.08. Taking precautionary measure will save you from the clutches of the law and avoid rigorous imprisonment.

There are still people who do not know what a breathalyzer is and how it functions. It is a device that is used to test the level of alcohol in the blood, all a drunken person needs to do is to blow air into the mouthpiece attached to the device and the results will be displayed to the LCD screen.

As a person starts to drink it causes various effects to the body. Few of them include feeling giggly, excitement, instability, etc. It can become more powerful if the person keeps on increasing the alcohol intake. If the level of alcohol consumed goes beyond a specific level can even lead to death. By owning a best personal breathalyzer the alcohol content in the blood can be measured at regular interval and made sure that the level does not cross the prescribed level.

An alcohol tester is like an alarm that helps an alcoholic addict from consuming excess amount of alcohol. Whenever you drink it is better to check the level at 30 minutes interval or periodically.  

It is good to check the level where ever you are whether it is at home, party or at a friend’s place. The device plays a mina role in maintaining the physical and physiological state of the body. To avoid losing your sense, carry the device in your pocket when you head for a party. It would be highly helpful if you carry the device regularly with you as a portable breathalyzer can measure the amount of alcohol in the lungs accurately.

Intensity of the alcohol consumed varies with age, weight and the type of food consumed by the person. For instance, if a person consumes different varieties of food just after taking alcohol then the alcohol detector cannot give accurate result. Also it is good to measure the level of alcohol at least 30 minutes after consuming.

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